Cannaleaf Strong - 3gms

Pain | Sleep | Stress

Rs. 3,499.00


The Vijaya plant is a medicinal plant which is highly effective in the treatment of digestive disorders, nervous system issues and is a mood liberator too when dosed correctly and can treat mental health issues effectively.

The ECS is a biological system in the body that helps regulate and balance key bodily functions. Research suggests that the ECS may be a potential therapeutic target in numerous physiological conditions such as energy balance and appetite stimulation.

The ECS is a system that modulates the central nervous system's function and helps maintain homeostasis.  Homeostasis is the state of equilibrium in the body in which all the organs function optimally, maintaining physiological, cognitive and emotional balance.


The Cannaleaf Strong is a full spectrum Vijaya leaf extract product. This extract is very powerful in relieving pain through rest and helps in recovery. It can be used to treat different kinds of pain both physical and internal.



Place the prescribed dosage under your tongue and hold for a minute before swallowing.