SLEEP Peppermint 1000mg - 10 ml

Sleep | Stress

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SLEEP is made using a proprietary ayurvedic formulation. It works on the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to mitigate stress & sleep disorders.

The full spectrum of cannabinoids in this Vijaya-based medication provides a natural treatment for symptomatic relief.  The cannabinoids combine with our body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors to enhance mood, promotes sleep, calms the mind, stimulate appetite, etc. What makes full spectrum cannabis leaf extract so effective? It is a unique synergy of various compounds present in it, which has more potent therapeutic effects also known as the “entourage effect”. Full Spectrum Cannabis Leaf Extract follows the Ayurvedic principle of maintaining the plant’s natural integrity and this is what makes Full Spectrum cannabis leaf extract one of the most efficient Cannabis Leaf derived medicinal extracts.

Vijaya (Hemp) Leaf
 Extract - 1000mg
Tagar (Valerian Root) Extract
Jatamansi (Spikenard Root) Extract
Musta (Nut Grass) Oil
Til (Sesame) Oil
Pudina (Peppermint) Oil 

  • Facilitates Stress Relief
    • Our bodies produce chemicals that can help us make quick decisions. As mammals, we depend upon stress to guide the instincts that keep us alive- whether it is smarter to run, hide, or stand and fight. Limited-duration stress can help us. But over a long period, stress can be counterproductive. When a person lives at a higher level of stress without effective coping mechanisms, these hormones can take a negative toll on major organs and our overall health.
      The compounds present in the hemp plant increase the levels of endogenous cannabinoids which in turn help reduce stress by promoting CB1 binding by the endogenous cannabinoids.
  • Enhances Mood
    • Phyto-cannabinoids interact with the CB1 receptors as exogenous ligands. The endogenous ligand that is anandamide (AEA), binds to the CB1 receptor and alleviates feelings of anxiety and depression but, the lifespan of AEA is short-lived and is degraded by enzymes. THC is structurally similar to AEA and can fill the gap left by under-secretion or degradation of AEA. Cannabidiol, on the other hand, prevents the breakdown of endogenous AEA by inhibiting AEA degrading enzymes.
  • Aids Restful Sleep
    • Hemp leaf extract has been used for centuries as a sleeping aid. In recent times as well, many individuals have substituted their pharmaceutical sleeping aids and have opted for natural options such as hemp leaf extract-based products. Even individuals suffering from PTSD and insomnia have turned to hemp leaf extract as a natural option. The main benefits of hemp leaf extract as a sleeping aid are attributed to anxiolytic and analgesic effects. The hypothesis is that hemp leaf extract reduces the amount of REM sleep which is when the mind is dreaming. Deep sleep is different from REM sleep and thought to be responsible for the most restorative sleep. Since hemp leaf extract reduces the amount of time spent in REM sleep, it increases the time spent in a deep sleep.
  • Promotes Relaxation
    • Hormones like cortisol are produced in the body when humans face stress or stressful situations. If these hormones go unchecked they can wreak havoc on the human body, causing long-term effects like strokes.
      Compounds in the hemp plant have showcased positive effects in producing relaxation for the individuals concerned by reducing the levels of these hormones like Cortisol, Adrenaline, and Norepinephrine which reduce the levels of stress.

    This dosage is most effective when taken sublingually (under the tongue) after food. Utilise the dripper to extract the recommended amount for you. As illustrated below, fill the pump and drip under the tongue.

    Note: Hemp leaf extract medication is certified under the laws of Ayurveda. In the true nature of Ayurvedic formulas- CannaReleaf™ shows efficacy after prolonged and routine usage. Rooted in the Ayurvedic philosophy, we have provided you with a product that includes hemp leaf extract in its natural form with the full-spectrum of (plant-based) Phyto-cannabinoids, that allows for sustained healing and well-being.

    Recommended Dosage
    Consume 3-4 drops twice a day sublingually (under the tongue) after food. It is recommended that one begins with a low dosage and gradually increases the dosage over time. Please adhere to the dosage recommended by your physician.

    Cannabinoids X Endocannabinoid System
    Cannabinoids are natural compounds found in the leaves & flower/bud of the hemp plant. Cannabidiol and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are two of the most studied and recognised chemical compounds found within the vast profile of cannabinoids.

    The Endocannabinoid System (ECS), is present in every human biological system. The ECS is a cell signaling system composed of molecules that act as neurotransmitters (CB1 and CB2 receptors) spread across the human body. Here are some of the biological processes that this system is responsible for- mood, inflammation, immunity, pain, stress, sleep and appetite. Phyto-cannabinoids bind with the CB1 and CB2 receptors found within the ECS and this interaction helps stimulate cell signaling which then assists in the regulation of the above-mentioned symptoms.

    How to Store:
    Keep the bottle in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

    Safety Instructions:- 
    1. Please study the product and ingredients carefully.
    2. Discontinue if you have an allergic reaction when consuming.
    3. It is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.
    4. Please consult a doctor if you are suffering from heart conditions before consuming.
    5. Please consult a doctor if you are under any other form of medication/treatment before consuming.
    1. This medicine should only be taken only after a meal.
    2. Do not consume while under the influence of alcohol.
    3. Not to be consumed by children under 18 years of age.
    4. Do not consume while driving/riding or operating machinery.

    Caution / सावधान:
    To be taken under medical supervision.
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