About Us


The world is opening up to the wondrous possibilities of the miracle plant, Vijaya or Cannabis. What has been set down in ancient Vedic medicinal texts has now been given the validation of the scientific and medicinal world as well.

Of course all of this got us excited because we have either directly benefitted from this or have guided our friends and families through this. And so we decided to guide and help as many people as we can.

Welcome to Hemplife Co.
A guide to a better you, naturally.

Hemplife Co. was born to address the need to navigate through myriad hemp and CBD brands and products and curate the best of the offerings for you. From alleviating our fast paced lifestyle driven problems like stress, pain and sleep disorders to the exciting possibilities when cannabinoids meet the human Endocannabinoid system (ECS) present in our body, Hemplife Co. endeavours to bring to you the best of what is out there.

Our products contain full spectrum Cannabis leaf oil extracts that lead to a comprehensively effective holistic treatment. They contain CBD, THC and other Cannabinoids. What’s more, we are approved by the Ministry Of AYUSH.

We are sure we have your well wishes. And do share the good word with your friends and family.

The Hemplife Co. Family